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Trump has mocked a potential rival over her claim of Native American ancestry. Now, she has more evidence
Sen. Elizabeth Warren has released the results of a DNA analysis showing she has distant Native American ancestry, which could pre-empt further questions and attacks should she run for president in 2020.

POSTED OCTOBER 15, 2018 11:54 AM
Elizabeth Warren releases DNA test results
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has released a DNA test that supports her claim of having Native American ancestry dating back several generations, according to the Boston Globe.

POSTED OCTOBER 15, 2018 11:51 AM
Analysis: Why women are dominating the early 2020 jockeying
Even before the 2018 election, we already know one of the winners: Women. And Democratic women in particular.

POSTED OCTOBER 15, 2018 5:46 AM
Sanders reacts to Biden lead in 2020 poll
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) reacts to a new poll indicating former Vice President Joe Biden is leading as the top choice for the 2020 Democratic nominee for president.

POSTED OCTOBER 14, 2018 2:30 PM
The Forecast: Many ways the Senate could go on Election Night
House forecast: Democrats will win 229 seats (and the House majority) while Republicans will win just 206 seats. A Democratic win of 205 seats and 262 seats is within the margin of error.

POSTED OCTOBER 15, 2018 10:05 AM
What Democrats in Congress will do if they take power
Democrats in the US House of Representatives are beginning to quietly prepare to hold the Trump administration accountable if they win the majority in November.

POSTED OCTOBER 15, 2018 10:00 AM
10 noteworthy moments from Trump's '60 Minutes' interview
President Donald Trump said in an interview broadcast Sunday night that Russian President Vladimir Putin is "probably" involved in assassinations and poisonings, but "it's not in our country."

POSTED OCTOBER 15, 2018 11:25 AM
Turkey gets permission to search Saudi consulate after journalist goes missing
Saudi Arabia has given Turkey permission to search its Istanbul consulate Monday afternoon, nearly two weeks after journalist Jamal Khashoggi went missing there, a Turkish diplomatic source told CNN.

POSTED OCTOBER 15, 2018 12:10 PM
Hillary Clinton: Bill's affair with Lewinsky 'absolutely not' abuse of power
Hillary Clinton says 'absolutely not' on CBS Sunday Morning, defending her husband against renewed criticism over his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

POSTED OCTOBER 15, 2018 7:17 AM
Opinion: Trump is doing Democrats a big favor
Say what you will about Donald Trump (and believe me, I have), I must tip my hat to him for doing what many thought was nearly impossible: making Democrats excited about voting in a midterm election. And by doing that, Trump may actually make the Democratic Party great again.

POSTED OCTOBER 14, 2018 10:38 PM

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