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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the move by GOP Rep. Chip Roy of Texas a 'last-minute sabotage'
A disaster relief bill was prevented from advancing in the US House of Representatives on Friday after Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas objected to passing the bill, meaning the more than $19 billion in aid may not go to President Donald Trump's desk for his signature before June.

POSTED MAY 24, 2019 6:27 PM
Lawmaker explains why he stalled disaster aid bill
A $19 billion disaster relief bill stalled in the House after Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) objected to passing the bill.

POSTED MAY 24, 2019 6:24 PM
Congress fails to reach tax fix for Gold Star families
It's a tale as old as Washington: Senate passes bill. House passes different version of bill, wrapped into a larger, unrelated bill. One frustrated senator stops it from going to the President's desk.

POSTED MAY 24, 2019 5:57 PM
Trump administration proposal removes protections for transgender patients
The Department of Health and Human Services proposed a rule Friday that would roll back an Obamacare regulation that prohibits discrimination against patients who are transgender or have previously undergone an abortion.

POSTED MAY 24, 2019 4:30 PM
Analysis: Trump is off to Japan with his Asia policy in tatters
Shinzo Abe's long game is paying off. Only a year ago, the Japanese Prime Minister was looking like the odd one out as US President Donald Trump cozied up to China's Xi Jinping and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

POSTED MAY 24, 2019 4:37 AM
Howard Stern reveals Trump phone call that 'shocked' him
Radio host Howard Stern tells CNN's Anderson Cooper that he was shocked to receive a phone call from President Donald Trump when he was about to go on stage to be endorsed by Sarah Palin. See the full interview tonight on AC 360.

POSTED MAY 23, 2019 8:25 PM
House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler appears to have nearly fainted
• Nadler pushes for empowering committee chairs on contempt

POSTED MAY 24, 2019 5:31 PM
Adam Levine is leaving 'The Voice' after 16 seasons. Here's who will take his chair

POSTED MAY 24, 2019 3:02 PM
Explosion in French city injures at least seven
An explosion in the city of Lyon on Friday evening has injured at least seven people.

POSTED MAY 24, 2019 6:16 PM
Jayme Closs' kidnapper to be sentenced


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